11 April 2011

You're not my Superman !

You're not my superman if

1. You're smokers

                                            It was one and only.

Rokok tu satu bende kotor dlm diri you and membuatkan you................................. (so many things here)

Like usuall, anny-2 before pun I dah ckp, I x mintak for present ke or what. And you've mentioned what I want actually right?

I did these because I betul-2 serius nak you stop. Yes,I tau bende tu impossible but how about 'nothing impossible in this world?'

Kenape masih lagi menegakkan benang yg basah?

Haha :D

I tau you marah but I don't care. *bla bla bla

I dah lack of ideas talking about this bullshit thing .

Happy Anny ~

I love you ~

Eventhough you're not my superman but still YOU'RE MY SYAHMI HAZIM !

And I, Syahmi Hazim's ;)


Faared Harris said...



Dah agak,mase buat bende-2 ni teringat abg farid jugak. bhaha :D